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Client Stories

For years, I experienced the daily noise of machinery within industrial food plants. Although I was active in hearing testing of employees, and noise abatement programs in factory settings, I too have suffered hearing loss. I have been tested, and diagnosed with hearing loss in both ears for which I then received quotes for unaffordable hearing aids. Over-the-counter and TV-ad amplifiers did not help.

My wife gave me an article to read from Hopkins Medicine Magazine, featuring AccessHears. I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. Maybe it would help?

I met with Khoi Le and Josiah Yiu to discuss the possibilities. After a brief trial of a “Sidekick”, we decided to purchase a pair of them. The results have been outstanding! Not only do I hear better, but I am more confident that I am hearing correctly the first time.

Josiah’s followup and support have been great.

The world sounds different. What an improvement! I hope that this program is expanded so that more seniors are able to be educated about, and make use of this wonderful more affordable technology.

L. Sellmayer

I am very pleased with the Sidekick Personal Sound Amplifier from Access HEARS and the patience and courtesy of Shelley Stein who brought the device to my home about seven months ago to try out. I was so pleased with the performance that I chose to buy it before the trial period was up. My hearing is greatly improved plus the device is economical. A couple of years ago, while researching ways to improve my brain health, I learned hearing loss is a risk factor. While I felt I heard just fine I did ask my husband far too often, as we watched TV, “What did he (or she) say?” So I decided to have my hearing checked. I learned that I did not hear at high levels, and I was processing too much of what l heard by context. For example, hearing a word read from a list, I did not hear ending consonants, i.e., “cheap” sounded like “cheat.” I shared my distress over needing a hearing aid and the cost with a group I was facilitating regarding ways to improve brain health. One of the attendees told me about AccessHears. Thank God. I have used this device daily since receiving it. The volume on devices, TVs, and radios are significantly lower. I no longer ask my husband what was said and I no longer ask others to repeat questions or comments, a tendency I hadn’t paid attention to before. Plus, sounds around me are more pronounced–furnace, refrigerator, washer, and dryer, cars driving by, rain, chirping birds, phone rings, etc. Thank you for the device and your service.

Julia H.

Julia H
Access HEARS has made a world of a difference for me and my family. I've felt so much more confident and willing to engage in conversations at home.
J. Hopkins
Older adults here in Allegany County have been greatly impacted by Access HEARS. There are few organizations out there willing to provide hearing services for low-income clients, and we are very grateful!
R. Hardman

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