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We Hear You Baltimore: Affordable hearing health care for older adults

Age-related hearing loss often goes undetected and untreated. But your hearing is a vital part of your well-being and maintaining your friendships and family relationships. Whether you are just starting out or are already on your hearing health journey, We Hear You Baltimore provides older adults with a hearing evaluation, hearing aids, over-the-counter hearing technology, and more. We Hear You Baltimore is your one-stop service for all of your hearing health needs.

Do I qualify? You qualify if you are age 50+, live in Baltimore or the surrounding areas, and have difficulty hearing or are experiencing hearing loss.

What will my hearing health care cost?

Your consultation and working with the Hearing Health Navigator is always free. If you have Medicaid insurance, you may be eligible to receive hearing aids covered by Medicaid. If you do not have Medicaid, other options include affordable over-the-counter hearing devices provided by Access HEARS, which cost $450 or less. Outside of the We Hear You Baltimore program, traditional hearing solutions costs $4700 on average. The Hearing Health Navigator will help you review all of your options and make sure that your option is the most affordable and best suited for your needs.

How do I request an appointment?

Step 1: Contact the Hearing Health Navigator
You will work with our Hearing Health Navigator to determine your health care needs.

The Hearing Health Navigator will schedule a free phone consultation with you. At this appointment, she will advise you on what care you might need, review any potential costs, and help you schedule any follow-up appointments to receive care.

Contact the Hearing Health Navigator, Diamynn Hill, directly for a free consultation: Fill out the below form or contact by phone: 443-863-9931 or e-mail:

Step 2: Receive hearing health care
Our Hearing Health Navigator will help you determine what services will be best for you. She will then connect you directly with an audiologist or hearing expert at HASA or Access HEARS who will provide your care.

Make an appointment today. Are you ready to talk with our Hearing Health Navigator to determine your health care needs? Fill out the below form or contact Diamynn Hill today: 443-863-9931 or

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About Access HEARS

Founded in 2014 by Drs. Carrie Nieman, Frank Lin, and Kunal Parikh, Access HEARS began with support from Johns Hopkins’ Social Innovation Lab, and drew inspiration from Dr. Nieman’s own research among older adult populations in Baltimore.

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