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Access HEARS?

Access HEARS is the pioneer social enterprise working to disrupt the current hearing care industry by providing affordable, accessible hearing care through a sustainable, community-delivered model.

The Access HEARS Model

Here are a few reasons why we’re disrupting the hearing care industry.

In-Person Care

We provide an in-person consultation in the comfort of your own home, teaching you how to use high-quality hearing devices in just 1 hour.

Quality Hearing Devices

Our devices have gone through extensive research at Johns Hopkins, testing within 1% of traditional hearing aids.

Low-Cost Experience

Traditional hearing aids cost around $4000, if not more. We offer our devices for a fraction of that price, along with flexible payment plans.

How It Works

Schedule a free consultation with an expert.

In-person or virtual service delivery.

14-day risk free trial.

12 months follow up and on-going support.

Our Devices

We provide our clients with high-quality, over-the-counter hearing devices to help manage their hearing loss. These devices have been approved by leading hearing experts at Johns Hopkins and cost 95% less than traditional hearing aids.
The SoundWorld Solutions Sidekick is a personal sound amplifier testing within 1% of gold-standard hearing aids. It is rechargeable, Bluetooth compatible and comes with a free customization app.

The SuperEar by SonicTechnology is a personal sound amplifier testing within 5% of gold-standard hearing aids. It features rechargeable batteries lasting up to 40 hours and comes with a set of comfortable, over-the-ear headphones.

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