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Newly created Hearing Health Collaborative brings together the expertise of Access HEARS, HASA, and Baltimore City’s Health Department to address age-related hearing loss in Baltimore

July, 2020 – Access HEARS, Inc., a social enterprise focused on connecting individuals with hearing loss to the technology they need to age well, announced the start of a multi-year, $900,000 grant program in partnership with the Hearing and Speech Agency and the Baltimore City Health Department’s Division of Aging, funded by the Harry and […]

19 nonprofits receive grants from Johns Hopkins Neighborhood Fund

Nineteen local nonprofit organizations have received financial support from the Johns Hopkins Neighborhood Fund for 2018 in the form of grants totaling nearly $177,000. Seventy agencies applied for funding in February, with requests for projects that address the needs of communities around Johns Hopkins in the areas of public safety, health, employment, education, and community […]

Daily Record Business: Hopkins startup helps seniors hear, without the expense

As many as two-thirds of older adults will experience hearing loss, but many won’t do anything about it, says Dr. Carrie Nieman, a resident at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. For some, hearing aids are too expensive and too difficult to obtain, they cost thousands of dollars, aren’t covered by Medicare or Medicaid […]